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Oventure Spring Launches

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Oventure just launched their spring collection and these new Big O key rings are perfect to carry all your essentials with you on the go!

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These new bamboo silicone Big O key rings are perfect for spring and to carry with you whether running errands or on vacation!

"Inspired by Hollywood Regency style, Bamboo is our most glam Silicone Big O® Key Ring yet! The Original Big O® Key Ring is a one-size-fits-all bracelet key ring that can be worn on your forearm or above your elbow for hands-free ease. The patented, signature locking clasp clicks open and closed so you can contain your house keys, car keys, card case and more in one central, secure location. Sculpted from the same durable, waterproof silicone you know and love, the Bamboo Big O is a little pop of luxury on your wrist.

Whether you’re trying to get the kids to school, running late to class, walking the dog, or a boss babe with a million things on her plate, the Big O® Key Ring was designed to keep your essentials (and sanity) in check at all times."


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